3 Ways of Keeping Your 3PL Products Moving

by CLWA | Warehousing
3 Ways of Keeping Your 3PL Products Moving

These 3 ways of keeping your 3PL products moving will greatly improve your logistics chain. There are several things that you need to do in order to keep your products flowing smoothly. Follow these 3 tips and you will have success.

Improve Order Efficiency

The most important part of logistics is ensuring orders are delivered. One way to improve this is by ranking your most important products. This way you can improve the delivery speed for essential products.

Create a list of your most important products. The items that you commonly sell all fall into this category. These are indispensable items in your warehouse. For example, Alcohol, wine, beverage, spirit, liquor, beer, and soft drinks. You can then rank them according to your sales record. Once you have this organized, a 3PL can help improve efficiency.

Better Planning of Rushed Orders

Rushed orders are the most important and need to be processed quickly. These orders will bring lots of pressure and the costs can quickly add up. Accurate planning is especially important. An experienced 3PL warehousing service provider offers you first-hand information. This can be used to create an effective plan.

Closely Monitor Inventory Levels

A 3PL warehouse provider can give essential information regarding inventory levels. Working with an experienced 3PL warehousing service provider is the best choice. Look for a warehouse with great technology. 18 Wheels Logistics, for example, has over 40 years’ experience as a 3PL service provider. The advanced technology that 18 Wheels has provides you with detailed information on inventory.

A great 3PL partner will work on the same page as you. You act as partners and do things together. You two have the same goals and are working as a team to see them through. The questions you have are the same as many other 3PL customers have.

A good 3PL should be proactive in communicating operational updates to you. When working with 18 Wheels, you will have a weekly and monthly report, you will get first-hand updates on what is happening now and what will happening in the coming days. Based on this timely information, you can adjust your plan accordingly to ensure efficiency all the time.

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