3PL Logistics Supply Chain Trends

by CLWA | Logistics
3PL Logistics Supply Chain Trends

The supply chain is anything but static. To address the challenges of new market trends in warehousing and distribution, it is always evolving and inventing. The following are five supply chain trends for 2022, with improvements coming from innovation, within Vancouver BC Canada and Western Canada.

1. Logistics with Positive Intention

Consumers want to see values like these in the brands they buy from, and this extends to the supply chains of those brands. As a result, many businesses are emphasizing the need of delivering value with trucking.

2. Following the Logistics Data

Big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning are allowing supply chains to become leaner, greener, and more predictive in the long run. These technologies enhance decision-making by taking prescriptive action before a problem emerges, addressing issues like labour shortages, inventory balance, demand forecasting, dynamic slotting, and transportation failures and prevention. This also has opened up the warehouses to be able to support co packing and re packing to get mixed packs out to consumers in the most effective way possible. Mixed packs are most common with alcohol distribution. Beer, Wine, Spirits and other drinks and beverages.

3. Labor shortages and limited space

With a constant labour crisis and real estate capacity at all-time lows, automation and dense storage solutions are more important than ever. Transloading and crossdocking with the same company helps keep a consistent flow even with limited space.

4. Global supply chains that are flexible and resilient

Companies need dynamic supply chains that can pivot rapidly with lower capital commitments as disruptions and shifts in customer customization expectations intensify. 3PL firms must deliver agility, flexibility, and resiliency while serving effectively to tackle this trend head-on.

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