5 Things to Look for in a Vancouver Warehousing Company

5 Things to Look for in a Vancouver Warehousing Company

There are a lot of 3PL warehouse providers in Vancouver. However, the quality of service provided by these warehouses is drastically different. Pay attention to the following criteria and you will find a great warehousing company in Vancouver.

Warehouse Size

One of the most important things to consider is the warehouse size. It needs to fit your requirements and be scalable. A good rule of thumb is to compare the available warehouse capacity with the total number of containers or pallets you plan on shipping. This way, you will get a better idea of the sizing available at the warehouse.

Warehouse Location

Another key consideration is the warehouse location. Ideally, it would be close to where the majority of your products are shipped. Certain warehouse companies, such as 18 Wheels Logistics, have an expansive network that gives you more warehouse locations to choose from. This also helps if you are selling products to many different locations.

Inventory Tracking Technology

While it may not seem like a necessity, inventory tracking technology will make life a lot easier. Look for a warehouse that offers real-time updates on your inventory. This way, you will know if the warehouse has received the containers that you shipped and when they will arrive.

Feedback on the status of your inventory is necessary to keep up with any delays in receiving goods and to manage any lost products or returns.


When picking a warehouse company, it is important to pay attention to whether or not there will be any accessibility issues when using that terminal. Warehouse companies may have different terminals, so make sure that yours will be accessible at all times.

You don't want to miss out on shipments because your terminal does not offer full service. Trustworthy warehouses also have around-the-clock call centers where you can get help if needed.


Just like searching for a restaurant or a new piece of clothing, you have to do your research on the company’s history. Furthermore, look for an experienced warehouse that can offer additional services aside from just warehousing. Services such as consolidation, packaging, and shipping, can improve logistics and allow you to focus on selling more products.

If you are searching for a company that can offer all of the criteria above, the Canadian Warehousing Logistics Affiliated can help. We work with an extensive network of warehouses across Canada. We can help you find the right warehouse for your needs.

The CWLA is a community of like-minded warehousing & supporting companies. We can help you generate leads, stay informed with industry news, regulations, & upcoming events. The CWLA is open to all warehousing, trucking, co-packing, or fulfillment providers. Please contact us if you have any questions.