Vancouver Warehousing

Just think about it. According to Wikipedia the Port of Vancouver is the largest port in Canada and the fourth largest in North America by tons of cargo, facilitating trade between Canada and more than 170 world economies.

Not just a hub, a stop along the way for products and merchandise from remote places, but also a source of a large variety of good herself, Vancouver's vast and  strong economy reaches across Canada and the USA.

That thriving economic life depends on no small part on a strong network of warehouses and a healthy warehousing industry.

The Canadian Warehousing Logistics Association is based in Vancouver and has a deep knowledge of the Vancouver Warehousing industry, including dry warehouses, co-packing facilities, fulfillment warehouses and refrigerated warehouses. 

Immerse yourself in the hub of Vancouver's warehousing scene with CWLA's dedicated 'Vancouver Warehousing' blog category.

Here, we spotlight the critical role of Vancouver's warehousing facilities in supporting the region's bustling economy.

Our focused content covers a range of topics from optimizing local warehouse operations to navigating the specific logistics challenges faced in Vancouver.

Discover innovative storage solutions and industry-leading practices that ensure efficiency and reliability in one of Canada's key gateways to trade. Learn about CWLA certification, how to become a vendor, the benefits of co-packing facilities, fulfillment warehouses, refrigerated storage, or how to join CWLA to enhance your warehousing strategies.

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