Fulfillment The Benefits of Working Together

by CLWA | Logistics
Fulfillment The Benefits of Working Together

Small business can see growth thru fulfillment companies.  Fulfillment companies have resources that assist the growth of the small business through: Marketing, Collaboration, Investment, Growth of Product.

Idle warehouse space is actively being sought to provide collaboration and expansion in a new market. Companies identify a new partner 3PL warehouse and provide systems for training and monitoring performance. This process reduces risk and allows for timely market introduction. This allows for the elimination of identifying new warehouse build, land and other start up expenses. Finding solutions together makes business easier. Services that are often included are repacking and co packing. These companies have access to trucking, transloading and cross docking as well.

This is common in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and specifically for beverage distribution – alcohol, liquor, beer, wine, spirits and non alcoholic drinks.

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