Get to know your 3PL Warehouse Distributor

Get to know your 3PL Warehouse Distributor

1. Go in and feel the vibe, how is the work culture.

You can only get so much detail with a phone call  or Pictures. Is it following sanitization procedures? Do individuals appear to be happy at work? What type of environment — relaxed yet efficient, high-stress yet happy? Is it a warehouse, distribution center, or office. 

2. Get to know who you are going into business with

Spend some time having a casual discussion and get to know them as individuals. Any business collaboration requires strong ties and open lines of communication. Work may be stressful at times, and maintaining positive interpersonal interactions might be the difference between a significant problem and none at all. Do they handle dangerous goods? Food, beverage, alcohol, liquor, beer, wine, spirits?

3. Become acquainted with what they offer.

You need a 3PL company that will execute their work effectively and within necessary rules, especially if you are transporting commodities that require special care. Do they have co packing or repacking services? Transloading or cross docking? RTD temperature controlled? 

4. Run several scenarios.

What if you decided to work for this company. Confirm the procedures for storage, shipping and receiving? Make a point of seeing the city especially if you are visiting somewhere for the first time, like Vancouver BC Canada or within Western Canada. 

5. Get Reassurance 

Regardless of the size of your company, whether you have investors or just want to earn a profit, It's helpful to know who you're doing business with if you want to make a profit each year. Do they have their own trucking company or is it outsourced? 

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