How to Find Reliable Fulfilment Service Providers in Canada

by CLWA | Warehousing
How to Find Reliable Fulfilment Service Providers in Canada

Fulfillment centers are the final point before “last-mile-delivery”. At a warehouse, businesses usually stores stock for an indefinite amount of time. However, fulfillment centers are where products move quickly. This is where the items that are expected to be order by a customer are held, ensuring quicker shipping. Inventory is thus not anticipated to remain in the fulfillment center for longer than a month.

Because of their position in the supply-chain, fulfillment service providers are often deeply integrated into a company’s logistic network, offering everything from co-packing to inventory management. But how do you find a reliable fulfillment service provider in Canada?

Best Fulfilment Services Options in Canada

Because fulfillment service providers are often the “hub” of a logistics network, it is important to do adequate research and connect with an appropriate option for your specific needs. In Canada, some of the most top-rated companies include 18 Wheels Logistics, who offer a full range of logistic services surrounding their fulfillment services.

As with any good fulfillment service, make sure the company is not only qualified and reputable, but can offer far more benefits than just ensuring orders are held and shipped. As a rule of thumb, you always want a fulfillment center that can integrate with your supply-chain, offering a collaborative relationship where your products are accounted for and shipped  promptly, safely, and in the appropriate parcels.

Finding a Fulfillment Service in Canada

Because it is important to find a third-party logistics provider that is appropriate to your company’s needs, researching as many options as possible is essential. Of course, this can be a very time-consuming endeavor. Therefore, using the Canadian Warehousing Logistics Affiliated might be the best solution.

At the CWLA, wecollaborate with a large variety of individual warehousing companies that offer fulfillment services across the country. By contacting us, your needs will be heavily considered when we promptly match you with some of the top-rated fulfillment service providers across the country.

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