Is Warehouse Space Becoming a Problem in Vancouver?

Is Warehouse Space Becoming a Problem in Vancouver?

Vancouver's red hot real estate market is not just impacting the cost of living, it is also greatly impacting the cost of storage. The lack of warehouse space is now becoming a serious problem in Vancouver.

The lack of storage space in Vancouver is largely due to a couple of reasons. First and foremost, Vancouver is experiencing unprecedented growth in property value. As a result, fewer warehousing companies are moving into the territory.

Additionally, the city has been undergoing major developments in the last five years, as many big construction projects were completed including new high-rise condos, upgrades to Olympic Village, and the new Canada Line SkyTrain station.

Due to these developments, most stores are now located near existing urban centers, which means large warehouse spaces have been relegated to industrial areas such as Richmond and Burnaby.

How Do Businesses Overcome the Lack of Warehousing Space in Vancouver?

Businesses need to adapt to the change in available warehousing. Vancouver is still an essential port city in Canada, and it serves as a primary trade hub for many oversea deliveries.

For businesses to adapt to the lack of warehousing space, they need to find more warehousing partners. In the past, businesses have been able to succeed with one or two warehousing locations.

However, with the surge in globalization, having numerous strategic warehouse locations has never been more critical. Having a wide network of warehouses helps cut warehousing costs and gives companies more delivery flexibility.

Find The Best Warehousing Network Today

Vancouver is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, and the demand for warehousing space will continue to increase. Therefore, it is important for businesses that rely on warehouses to consider this in their planning.

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