Quality Assurance Certifications for Canadian Warehouses

by CLWA | Warehousing
Quality-Assurance Certifications for Canadian Warehouses

Obtaining various quality assurance certifications will help a Canadian warehouse stand out. Most of these certifications will highlight the high level of service provided, as well as other important achievements. Displaying certifications can help your warehouse stand out.

Why Should Warehouses Pursue Quality-Assurance Qualifications?

Other than the minimum government-mandated qualifications, warehouse providers may be wondering how to illustrate to clients that they can meet a company’s needs to a high standard of service delivery. After all, a well-regarded certification from a reputable network can show potential clients that your warehouse meets the highest standard of quality-assurance.

For example, some products are especially sensitive, such as food and perishable goods, and you may need to prove to potential clients that you have been vetted from a reputable association to handle these products with the care they require. Still, all providers can benefit from being able to prove that the warehouse floor meets the highest health, safety, and sustainability standards to the level of other market competitors.

Examples of Certifications

One of the country’s top-recommended certifications is provided by the Canadian Warehousing Logistics Affiliated. The CWLA encompasses a wide-variety of dimensions to determine the quality-assurance level of a warehouse service provider. These span everything from health and safety, environmental sustainability, ethics, and accountability. It is no coincidence that reputable warehousing companies in Canada also happen to be CWLA-qualified. There certification is a surefire way to show potential clients your warehouse has been vetted to the highest standards in the industry.

Pursuing a CWLA-Certification

If you are interested in becoming a CWLA member, start by reaching out to us and indicating that you want your warehouse to be considered to qualify for its certification program. We will reach out to you regarding the process and answer any questions you may have.

The CWLA is a community of like-minded warehousing & supporting companies. We can help you generate leads, stay informed with industry news, regulations, & upcoming events. The CWLA is open to all warehousing, trucking, co-packing, or fulfillment providers. Please contact us if you have any questions.