The Basics of Renting Cold Storage Warehouse Space

by CLWA | Warehousing
The Basics of Renting Cold Storage Warehouse Space

The logistics and warehousing process surrounding refrigerated products like food, perishable goods, and biopharmaceuticals can be complex. Because storage of these types of products are sensitive to both time and temperature, it is crucial to find a warehouse that can meet your needs to the highest possible standard. Below are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind when looking for a cold storage warehouse space to rent.

Cost, Type and Load of Products

Refrigerated storage solutions will always be more expensive than normal warehousing. This comes down to the construction material used to keep a space at an appropriate temperature, paired with the running cost of electricity for cooling. While this does not have to translate to an astronomical cost month-to-month, it will require business owners to be realistic and open about their specific needs to avoid paying considerably more than necessary.

Safety and Quality Standards

Many clients may feel that the best way to search for a warehouse is to gather quotes and then go with the lowest bidder. However, this can be potentially disastrous in the long-term. Not only are refrigerated goods often subject to various health and safety protocols that must be met on the warehouse floor, but providers that can afford to undercut market competitors by a large margin are likely cutting those costs in other important areas.

Accounting for Upscaling

One of the biggest decisions clients need to make is whether a cold storage warehouse can meet the need of upscaling. renting the perfect cold storage warehouse that meets your current requirements is one thing, but if it is likely your business will be growing in the future, they also need to be able to grow with your increased need for capacity.  

Considering all these qualities means that it is crucial to do as much research as possible before deciding on a cold storage warehouse space. The easiest way to do this effectively and efficiently is with our help.

The Canadian Warehousing Logistics Affiliated represents a wide network of potential refrigerated storage options that can meet various degrees of needs while accounting for scalability, quality, and costs. By reaching out through our contact form, a representative will be in touch with you shortly to provide accurate quotes with ideal suppliers.

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