The Benefits of Co-Warehousing

by CLWA | Warehousing
The Benefits of Co-Warehousing

Co-warehousing provides freedom of rent sharing, allowing small businesses to have access to shipping abilities without having to lease warehouse space on their own. This is becoming a common trend in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Western Canada.

This way of renting space provides warehouse space and the necessary equipment to perform self fulfillment. Creative solutions help small businesses distribute their products, and store with RTD with less cost and more convenience. They can lease in a large yard where there are cross docking, transloading opportunities for trucking.

They can also share the equipment for repacking and co packing. Many 3PL warehouses offer this service. Co packing is what local distilleries outsource for their variety packs of beverages - alcohol, liquor, beer, wine, spirits and non alcoholic drinks.

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