Third-Party Logistics Services for eCommerce

by CLWA | Warehousing
Third-Party Logistics Services for eCommerce

As an eCommerce business grows, it is more than likely that demand for products is going to overshoot supply at some point. This prospect is exciting, as it points to a company’s growing potential. However, it typically represents a new proble, the need for more storage space.

Despite this, it is typically not worth the financial commitment for the enterprise to build its own fully-fledged logistics network, nor is it usually possible. Outsourcing aspects, or the entirety of a logistic network, are a much more efficient way to ensure your company can continue to grow consistently to meet rising demand.

What is Third-Party Logistics?

Third-party logistics (or 3PL) involves the outsourcing of aspects of your logistics to another company. This could be as specific as only relying on a 3PL for warehouse storage solutions, to having contract packagers, to outsourcing the entirety of the supply-chain to another company.

Benefits of Third-Party Logistics

There are a multitude of benefits to expanding your eCommerce business through third-party logistics services. eCommerce businesses usually do not have the capital needed to dedicate the amount of resources needed to manage their entire supply chain. But through 3PL, they can boost their robust supply-chain with partners that assists in meeting rising demand for their goods.

Not only this, but 3PL-services offer the benefit of having a larger national – or even global – reach than what start up eCommerce business may have. Furthermore, by outsourcing certain aspects of the logistic network, this allows an eCommerce business to reinvest its finances in other aspects. Both of these factors go a long way in ensuring stable growth that does not sacrifice the quality of service delivery nor customer support.   

Types of Third-Party Logistics Services

Not all 3PL logistic services are created equal and there are often many providers to choose from. Certain providers can provide additional services. For example, they may also offer a co-packing facility, meaning goods can be parceled and branded before shipment.

Finding the right fulfillment warehouse can help ensure that products are shipped as soon as possible. To get access to the 3PL providers across Canada, use our contact form. We work with a large network of options across Canada and will provide quotes from providers that meet your company’s needs. 

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