Urban Fulfillment, Distribution and Micro Warehousing with 3PL in Vancouver B.C. 

Urban Fulfillment, Distribution and Micro Warehousing

Another increasing trend in logistics that might boost order fulfilment operations is renting additional commercial space and using it for your company's fulfilment activities. This is because, as order volume grows, you'll need a larger footprint to keep up with the increased demand.

With more facilities committed to fulfilling orders, as well as transloading and cross docking, you can dedicate distinct micro fulfilment centres for different sorts of deliveries and distribute your inventory accordingly. You may have one area filled with your most popular products for next-day and same-day deliveries, and another with a longer fulfilment time period. Many beverage companies are using this method to store their product in an RTD temperature detector warehouse and outsource the co-packing and repacking from in house. They use this for all beverages – alcoholic, beer, wine, spirits and other liquor.

Another option to boost delivery speed and to give benefits like same-day delivery trucking is to increase the number of warehouses or You use fulfilment centres in your fulfilment operations. This strategy works best in Western Canada and North America, since fulfilment hubs are close to the greatest number of clients. Amazon has driven this trend with their two-hour delivery option, especially with their Fresh offering. Other businesses have begun to adopt this method, which allows them to have easy access to their clients and provide same-day or next-day delivery.

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