Vancouver Warehouse Search: What to Look For In Terms of Security

Vancouver Warehouse Search What to Look For In Terms of Security

There are many important aspects to consider when searching for a Vancouver warehouse. However, the one that sticks out the most is security. The safekeeping of goods is paramount to logistics.

In this article, we are going to define what to look for in terms of security when choosing a warehouse.

Important Warehouse Security Criteria

With so many warehouses in and around Vancouver, how can you ensure that they are prioritizing the safety of your products? Here are some of the most important criteria you must consider when choosing a warehouse:

Security System

Most warehouses in Vancouver have at least one CCTV camera, but this isn’t enough. Most of them are either unmonitored or monitored by a person who is not trained to operate them.

In terms of security, a good warehouse has a robust security system. This is usually done using access control systems. However, this is not always enough. A great warehouse security system will make use of a network of cameras, alarms, and 24/7 operators.

Product Handling & Temperature Control

Your goods are precious, this means they should be treated with care. Throughout the logistics process, the facilities need to handle your products carefully and securely. If the goods need refrigeration, they should be stored in a cooled and temperature-controlled storage area.

Uncontrolled temperature increases can affect the goods’ freshness and shelf life.

Which Warehouses Meet These Criteria?

In British Columbia, multiple warehouses fit these criteria. With the help of CWLA, you can find which one is right for your business. Every day we help connect Canadian businesses with third-party suppliers to improve their supply chain.

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