What if I Need Both a Dry and a Refrigerated Vancouver Warehouse?

What if I Need Both a Dry and a Refrigerated Vancouver Warehouse?

Food businesses around the world depend on a network of dry and refrigerated Vancouver warehouses to store foods at optimal temperatures, maintain quality, and assist with the end delivery process. The challenge for food businesses is finding an experienced partner to work with that understands product handling, food safety protocols, and can provide both types of warehouses.

If your business needs a combination of temperature-controlled storage options, the Canadian Warehousing Logistics Affiliated can help your business find great warehouses to work with. All our Canadian and Vancouver warehouses have been verified and approved by the CWLA to meet the highest standards of cleanliness, technology, and safety.

When considering working with a Vancouver warehouse, it is important to:

  • Consider the types of foods you will be storing
  • Determine if you need a single-temperature or multi-temperature storage
  • Inquire about the warehouse’s food safety and security protocols
  • Discuss your packaging and pallet requirements
  • Determine the frequency of deliveries and shipments

Working with a great dry and refrigerated warehouse in Vancouver is essential for ensuring that your food remains fresh and safe throughout the storage and shipping process. Not only will working with a combination of refrigerated and dry warehouses in Vancouver guarantee the best quality, but it will also minimize waste and ultimately save your business money.

Begin your search with the CWLA and streamline the entire process of searching for a Warehouse in Vancouver. We leverage our network of Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver warehouses to establish a robust warehousing network for your business. 

For more information on how we can help your business find Vancouver Warehouses, please visit our website, or contact us today.

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