What is a Third-party Warehouse Service

by CLWA | Warehousing
What is a Third-party Warehouse Service

Third-party logistics (or 3PL) refers to a company relying on outsourcing solutions for the transport, storage, and distribution of goods. One of the most common sectors in which companies will rely on 3PL is warehousing. When a company is dealing with large enough inventory, the need for a dedicated warehouse will become crucial for expansion, but it is rarely cost-effective (or financially possible) for the enterprise to build and maintain its own warehouse. When that happens it is time to find a third-party warehousing service.

Relying on a third-party warehousing will allow the company to reinvest the money saved on other opportunities for growth. If a qualified and reliable 3PL is chosen, they can be a crucial collaboration that helps a company thrive.

Benefits of Choosing a 3PL Warehouse Service

There are a multitude of benefits to choosing an outsourced warehouse solution. Cost has already been mentioned, but another key benefit is that warehousing services will also allow you to run – and upscale – your business more effectively.

Respectable warehouse service providers are typically part of established networks, with potentially decades of experience in ensuring every facet of logistics is delivered quickly and up to standard. 3PL solutions might also have added benefits, such as a robust barcode scanning system or industry-leading inventory management software.

Finding a 3PL Warehouse Service in Canada

Finding a great 3PL warehouse service is always a daunting task. It involves your company figuring out needs and specifications and finding a warehouse that can meet your needs. During this process, it is crucial to investigate all appropriate options available on the market.

The best way to do this is with the help of the CWLA. The Canadian Warehousing Logistics Affiliated is an industry-leading logistics company that offers a quick way for companies to connect with some of the most reputable 3PL warehouse service providers in Canada. We can provide quotes from multiple warehouse service providers to help you find the right partner.

The CWLA is a community of like-minded warehousing & supporting companies. We can help you generate leads, stay informed with industry news, regulations, & upcoming events. The CWLA is open to all warehousing, trucking, co-packing, or fulfillment providers. Please contact us if you have any questions.