What to know about transportation and trucking systems in Canada

by CLWA | Logistics
What to know about transportation and trucking systems Canada

Trucks transport the bulk of commodities in Vancouver BC and Western Canada with cross docking and transloading. Unlike the United States, which has a web of developed roads linking all cities, Canada only has one major transportation artery that runs from coast to coast: the Trans-Canada Highway. Warehouses depend on the trucking industry to distribute product that they prepared with co packing and re packing. 

In 2017, the federal government announced an 11-year, $2 billion National Trade Corridors Fund, recognising the significance of the transportation network to Canada's competitiveness. The fund's top aims were to assist in the development of a more efficient transportation system that would enable greater access to domestic and international markets, as well as to help develop a more sustainable transportation system to encourage activities that will aid the system's adaptation to the natural disasters  and the use of new technologies.

In the sake of public safety and the environment, federal transportation laws are continually changing. To safeguard the public from weary commercial drivers, the Canadian government has mandated the use of electronic recording devices by all federally regulated truck drivers as of June 2021.

The government has implemented new entry-level commercial driver training standards. New federal carbon emission restrictions for heavy-duty vehicles took effect in 2020, with requirements climbing in subsequent years.

Unfortunately,  many transportation rules are provincial, and inefficiencies in the industry has been blamed on a lack of cross-country harmonisation. Each province has different expectations for distribution of alcohol, beverages, liquor, beer wine and spirits, using RTD temperature controlling. 

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