What to look for in a Professional Co-Packer Service

by CLWA | Warehousing
What to look for in a Professional Co-Packer Service

Co-packing – or contract packaging – relies on a facility taking raw goods and translating them into parceled and ready-to-ship products. Because of the importance of packaging in everything from representing a brand, to ensuring the product is transported safely, co-packing services are an especially important part of the supply chain. Your relationship with a co-packer will fundamentally affect the presentation and delivery of your products, so it is crucial to know what to look for.

Core Considerations for a Co-packer

Core considerations when looking for a co-packing provider rely on things that all of them should have to be worth considering. When reaching out to potential co-packing facilities, it is important that they have quality-control certifications, expertise in the market, and experience in working with your kind of product. They should be able to provide you appropriate certifications that show they take health and safety seriously, as well as have had consistent success with similar clients to you in the past.

Additional Considerations

After considering the core things that all co-packers should have, you should begin narrowing in on the needs of your specific company and whether the facility will be able to meet them. Do they have the appropriate equipment and enough resources to make sure every single product is packaged correctly and to your specifications? Will they be able to scale with your business in the medium-and-long term to keep up with rising demand? Another important consideration is whether or not the co-packing facility is close to your main base of operations. This is especially true if you are working with temperature-sensitive goods such as food and biopharmaceuticals

It is important to remember that co-packing services will form a fundamental role in your supply chain. Therefore, vetting the co-packing provider you are thinking of is crucial. Instead of struggling with this process, the CWLA can help. By reaching out to the Canadian Warehousing Logistics Affiliated, you can promptly be connected with the most appropriate co-packing warehouse for your company’s needs.

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